living history

Say hello to ……

I would like to introduce Etty she is a 1967 Humber sceptre mark 2 .
It’s a massive life style change having said goodbye to our Ford Focus we are enjoying the slower pace of the Humber.
I just love the styling and of course the fact that it’s a British car, not so keen on having to remember to use the choke and the slowness of a cold car first thing on a winters morning .
Looking forward to lots of adventures in 2017.



Pressure cooker

We are always looking for ways to fully inbrace living in the past. This weekend I made steamed pudding and steamed it for  3 hours so we decided a pressure cooker could be the answer to our 21st  century gas bill.

Have a read of the description it made us think twice.

Pre WW2 Aluminium pressure cooker with two internal baskets. I believe there was an internal cover but it is missing. Bakelite handles damaged. One cracked, one has a chunk out of it. 

I have not tested this, I am not going to. It frightened the life out of me when I was a kid in the 50’s & I think it’s got A & E written all over it. Having said that I know it was often used back then. Found in the loft. Sold as a prop/display item only.

There is expected pitting & corrosion to the stove painted lid. I should imagine the rubber seal is perished.Weighs almost 10 kilos. Clearly UK bidders only.