Say hello to ……

I would like to introduce Etty she is a 1967 Humber sceptre mark 2 .
It’s a massive life style change having said goodbye to our Ford Focus we are enjoying the slower pace of the Humber.
I just love the styling and of course the fact that it’s a British car, not so keen on having to remember to use the choke and the slowness of a cold car first thing on a winters morning .
Looking forward to lots of adventures in 2017.



stair carpet day

December 15th

Its a date that means  many things to many people – 10 days until Christmas – the day glen millers aeroplane disappeared in 1944 and December 15th 2016 we got stair carpet.
From this done forth December 15th will be known as stair carpet day, children in years to come will open their advent calendars to see images of stair carpet .
The day was full of excitement and celebrations home made mince pies , followed by hot mugs of camp coffee, visitors arrived before and after the fitting all eager to see the carpet and share in our joy and excitement .
After 5 years of walking on bare wooden stairs having stair carpet is a real luxury and well worth the wait.




Taking food for granted

It’s freezing outside and sat at home in our warm home tonight, it’s makes me appreciate what we have and reminds me of the reason we are living on rations .We have so much in our modern busy lives that we take the simple things the most important things for granted .

Tonight on the streets not far from my home their will be people without food and shelter , their will be queues at the local food bank , children going to bed hungry and cold .

We longer do we live in close community’s that look out for each other, offer help and support to those less able have become blind to others problems and keep our heads down and live our own lives .

We all need to open our eyes and be thankful for what we have and give a thought or even offer a hand to those that have nothing .
Living on rations and is a constant reminder that we should never take our food and freedom for granted .

The price of butter

When I was growing up, the conversations my mother had with my grandmother often included the price of butter!Until recently I had no idea how much a pint of milk cost, Let alone how much half a pound of butter .

This week I found myself shopping around for butter, buying so few basic items I have started to be more aware of the costs of each item.

So yes I know the cost of half a pound of butter

Sugar and butter

We have almost done or first month eating food only available in 1939. What has surprised me is the amount of sugar and fat we get though , it’s jam making season and I have made a few cakes but every shop I seem to come back with sugar and butter which of course in a few months are going to be rationed .I am spending a lot of time cooking and preparing food, theirs no easy meal as everything is prepared from basic ingredients .
This week we have done very well and have been given lots of apple and Pears onions and beetroot we even got given a trout .We have spent very little on food this week I would guess under £20.00 . We have eaten a lot of blackberries and apples and had a lot of vegetarian food this week .With the black berry season coming to a end we will have to look at other ways to increase our fruit intake .

 Custard powder 

Shopping in 2016 is all about choice , trying to shop in the modern supermarket but only buying products that where available in 1939 is so much harder than I thought. We have no rationing at the moment but I am starting to feel the need to over shop for when things get tough, September is a good time to harvest from the hedge rows and collect and store apples and pears which are in plenty supply.

Today’s shop was basic and consisted of a onion , bananas wanted to buy a tin of custard but tinned custard did not come until 1968 !!!

So it’s time to get out the birds custard powder.

Birds custard powder was produced thought the war but as the   War progressed, Bird’s began to feel the pinch when raw materials were strictly controlled. Many of the firm’s sugar-based products were withdrawn, and production restricted mainly to custard and baking powder. Even these couldn’t be produced in sufficient quantities.

With milk and egg rations I think custard is going to be a luxury in the coming years, bananas and onions would be a unheard of.