Custard powder 

Shopping in 2016 is all about choice , trying to shop in the modern supermarket but only buying products that where available in 1939 is so much harder than I thought. We have no rationing at the moment but I am starting to feel the need to over shop for when things get tough, September is a good time to harvest from the hedge rows and collect and store apples and pears which are in plenty supply.

Today’s shop was basic and consisted of a onion , bananas wanted to buy a tin of custard but tinned custard did not come until 1968 !!!

So it’s time to get out the birds custard powder.

Birds custard powder was produced thought the war but as the   War progressed, Bird’s began to feel the pinch when raw materials were strictly controlled. Many of the firm’s sugar-based products were withdrawn, and production restricted mainly to custard and baking powder. Even these couldn’t be produced in sufficient quantities.

With milk and egg rations I think custard is going to be a luxury in the coming years, bananas and onions would be a unheard of.



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