Michaelmas day

We have almost completed our first month living on food that was only available in 1939.

We have had a amazing blackberry harvest but since Michaelmas day (September 29th) we can no longer pick blackberries because the Devil would have peed on them and the consequences would be dire. This tradition can be found all over the uk but the timing varies as does what the Devil did to the berries which ranged from cursing, spitting and peeing on them. It is thought that this idea stems from the story of how when the Devil was cast out of Heaven he fell to earth and landed in a blackberry bush. As he was trying to extricate himself from the clutches of the tangle of thorns he cursed the bush. Every year since that event he spoils the berry crop on the anniversary of his landing by spitting etc on them. I know it’s only folk law but something we uphold in our household.

We have made a lot of chutney and Jam and bottled pears. We still have hazel nuts to gather and quince so our garden has proved very fruitful.



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