Living on rations

Many years ago we lived as a family on world war 2 rations for 14 days , we loved the challenge . lost weight and felt amazing , once 14 days where up we went back to a modern diet.

With many changes in our lives and life style we have decided to do it again , but this time for the duration of rationing in the uk from jan 1940 until July 1954.

We plan to live on rationing following the same rationing calendar month by month.

For us today we are living in September 1939 .

War has been declared the sun is shinning and it will all be over by christmas. we are only going to be eating food and drink ( as far as possible ) that’s only available in 1939.

we will use any of our post 1939 food up but not replace .

Our local butches has promised to supply is with cuts of meat within our ration allowance and from meat available at the time .

We all over consume to a point of greed living on rations we hope to learn to appreciate what we have and be thankful for the food we eat every day , when many families survive on food banks and charity to provide them with essential food- the diet should also be healthy and reduce our shopping bills.




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