Spitfire and Hurricane fly-past!

Gordano home front is only a little group but we both have our interests, mine is the home front and I have knowledge living on rations fashion and some insight to what living in war time Britain might have been like, I can sew on a button , knit a jumper ( with help from my mum) cook a meal from very little , we don’t have many modern gadgets at home , no microwave , dishwasher and try and live a simple lifestyle .
But when it comes to anything technical I am not your person I can just about id a spitfire and a mustang ( makes a great noise) .
With the dig for victory fly past confirmed ( spitfire and a hurricane ) I asked the question today is a spitfire sort of the same as a hurricane . I have been informed it’s not and have been reeled of a list as long as my arm as to why not , none of this information I have retained but i will just enjoy the flyover on the 11th and 12th of June and see two airplanes in the sky .



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