Nuffield Place.

Nuffield Place, the 1930s home of Lord Nuffield founder of the Morris Motor Car Company.

For a man that was a multi  millionaire this has was a home and you could tell it was loved and lived in. We have taken back many ideas for our home and our wish list got a little longer.

They had a massive love for the scottie dogs and you could imagine them in the house barking at the front door, hunting inthe woods and enjoying the freedom of the grounds.

It was one of the best houses  we have visited and look forward to retuning in a few years and seeing the changes made.

DSCF6816 DSCF6817 DSCF6818 DSCF6819 DSCF6820 DSCF6822 DSCF6823 DSCF6824 DSCF6825 DSCF6826 DSCF6827 DSCF6828 DSCF6829 DSCF6830 DSCF6831 DSCF6834 DSCF6836 DSCF6837 DSCF6838 DSCF6839 DSCF6840 DSCF6843 DSCF6844 DSCF6846


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