film locations

Weekend away visiting favourite film locations

As much as we live in the year 2014 we try and indulge ourselves as much as we can in the 1940’s this includes the clothes we wear and the television we watch.
My favourite all time film is brief encounters staring Celia  Johnson , It was filmed in 1945 At carnforth  as it was deemed safe from enemy fire – why would anyone bother to come so far north to bomb this little town?! Filming took place at night so as not to interrupt regular train operations.

It’s a film about love  a must see and carnforth station has been on my wish list of placing to visit for along time.
Although the cafe was a set it was been recreated at carnforth station where you can step back to brief encounters and have pot of tea for two and enjoy the visitors centre .
We stood under the clock and sat in the brief encounter cinema and watched my favourite film.




We said goodbye to carnforth and made our way to Morecambe to spend a night in the midland hotel this has been used in many film locations but our reason for visiting was of course Hercule poirot where they filmed the episode double sin.
The midland hotel lived up to all we imagined beautiful Art Deco hotel, helpful staff and amazing food. The hotel itself has been resorted to a very high standard it’s even dog friendly so next time go Mr Spode can come with us
Our room itself was quirky and stylish and comfortable with a lot of attention to detail it made for a great stay.



No visit to Morecambe would be complete without a dance on the steps and a photo with the most famous Eric morecambe.


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