Dig For Victory Show 2017.

Congratulations to the  Dig For Victory Show: What a Weekend we had.  The setting of the North Somerset show ground lends its self perfectly to this family show.

The smells noises and landscape take you back to 1940’s Britain.                                               An educational inspiring show for young and old. With the underlayin message we must never forget the price that was paid for our freedom. It’s sometimes difficult to imagine the lives of ordinary men and women in wartime Britain .

The service of remembrance held at 11 o clock Sunday morning was a time to reflect and remember the ordinary people like you and me that had their lives changed forever by war.

A weekend filled with dance, music and friendship.

The Dig for Victory show.

The Dig for Victory show is fast approaching and delighted to see the show having a mention in the Morris Monthly magazine.


The Dig For Victory Show is a fantastic 1940’s themed family festival held in the beautiful North Somerset countryside. We aim to bring history alive and the generations together for a weekend of learning, remembrance and fun!
The festival has close links to the local community, it has raised £11,500 for charity to date and attracts all ages from across the South West.


Tickets available online. http://digforvictoryshow.com/buy-tickets


Helicopter Museum 2017

Such a great space and a very well supported event, perfect place for my second outing in my new RAF uniform.


I brought a  reproduction sweetheart brooch, the photo below shows it alongside my mothers in laws original brooch.


Wearing jewellery of great sentimental value out is always a worry so this solved the problem.

Very pleased with my Mother’s Union brooch, which will look great on my suit.

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

We picked up A replica edition of the Active Service Saint John’s Gospel, re-issued for the 100th anniversary of the First World War. 

Who Do You think you Are Show.

Gordano Homefront joined the Dig for victory show at the Who Do You think you Are Show.


The NEC cleaners seemed very unimpressed with Dave helping them.


With lots to see and do we were kept busy all day talking to people on the stand.


With time to wonder off we enjoyed the many Exhibits of the show including the vintage caravan.


Totally out of Touch with reality .

The fast pace of the modern world sometimes seems beyond my comprehension.
We need to visit London on business just gone 9am  its a little last minute so not been able to plan ahead.
In this Topsy Turvey world its just not possible to go with rail prices set at bonkers levels.

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 15.35.32.png

Say hello to ……

I would like to introduce Etty she is a 1967 Humber sceptre mark 2 .
It’s a massive life style change having said goodbye to our Ford Focus we are enjoying the slower pace of the Humber.
I just love the styling and of course the fact that it’s a British car, not so keen on having to remember to use the choke and the slowness of a cold car first thing on a winters morning .
Looking forward to lots of adventures in 2017.


stair carpet day

December 15th

Its a date that means  many things to many people – 10 days until Christmas – the day glen millers aeroplane disappeared in 1944 and December 15th 2016 we got stair carpet.
From this done forth December 15th will be known as stair carpet day, children in years to come will open their advent calendars to see images of stair carpet .
The day was full of excitement and celebrations home made mince pies , followed by hot mugs of camp coffee, visitors arrived before and after the fitting all eager to see the carpet and share in our joy and excitement .
After 5 years of walking on bare wooden stairs having stair carpet is a real luxury and well worth the wait.